13July 2017

Women’s Health Nursing Assignment Help in Singapore

BookMyEssay is a great site which offers informative and well-researched essays on various topics. These essays can be ordered for academic or any other purpose. One of the major topic and not very talked about is women’s health nursing. Women comprise over one half of the world’s population and are at the heart of the family health care. Women’s health is being often affected by all of the factors that touch a woman’s life – her family, relationships, work environment, spiritual values, and also the community where she lives. Research over the last two decades has very well supported the fact that women respond differently to the wellness and disease than do men, and that gender-focused health assessment, education, and interventions are absolutely inevitable for women to be as healthy as possible especially when they are suffering from some disease or trauma condition. As women understand more about the factors affecting their health, the women’s health nurse practitioner is highly emerging as a key health care provider for the women throughout their lifespan.

Women’s Health Nursing Professionals (WHNPs) are experts in woman-focused health promotion and disease prevention, as well as in managing chronic health conditions which are affecting women. Our case management blends the health recommendations with the realities of the women’s lives, in order to ensure the right and optimal health, while avoiding unnecessary health care costs.


A WHNP is a registered nurse who has some advanced level of specialized education and some clinical experience in women’s health care segment. As a specialist, the WHNP delivers some really comprehensive health care to the women throughout the lifespan, with aright emphasis on the reproductive and gynecologic health needs of the women. The WHNP is well-qualified in order to provide some well-woman care, prenatal and postpartum care, care for women experiencing episodic acute or chronic illnesses, as well as care to men who have selected the reproductive health needs or problems.

A professional certification as a WHNP can open many exciting doors for a nurse professionally, and allows him or her to build on a valuable experience. As a WHNP, he or she can be able to affect the women’s health in three major ways: providing the women’s health care directly to the individuals in his or her own practice, educating the new WHNPs through his or her faculty appointment, and by working with the policymakers through a variety of community linkages to ensure that health policies affecting women are truly “woman- friendly.”

Typically, clients referred to a WHNP have seen several health care providers, have had several levels of testing and medication, and have multiple physical and emotional symptoms. As a WHNP, the professional provide the following services:

  • Assess multiple health care records
  • Identify health problems affecting physical and emotional health
  • Teach patients about significant health issues
  • Develop a plan of care in collaboration with the client and her identified health care provider
  • Follow up to ensure that patients have access to and use appropriate health services.


Most WHNPs provide primary women’s health care, which generally includes the pre-conception health care, prenatal and postpartum care, family planning services, and management of sexually transmitted diseases, well-woman care, care during peri-menopause and menopause, as well as care for women experiencing some episodic acute or chronic conditions. With the additional education and clinical experience, WHNPS are also qualified to practice in a variety of subspecialty areas, such as infertility, cardiovascular health, oncology, geriatrics, endocrinology, uro-gynecology, bone health, and high-risk pregnancy, and to perform advanced technical procedures such as limited ultrasounds.

Practice Settings

WHNPs practice in a variety of outpatient care, long-term care, and some community-based settings, as well as in the hospitals. Examples of WHNP practice settings include some primary care clinics, physician offices, community health centers, hospitals, ante partum triage units, school and college health clinics, health departments, business and employee health settings, and of course the nursing homes.


In addition to some qualities like strong critical-thinking, decision-making, and communication skills, WHNPs must also surely possess some specialized knowledge of the intricacies of how simply being a woman can affect the health and disease. Nursing experience in case management and then incorporating the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life into health assessment, education, and interventions is also critical in fruitfully achieving optimal women’s health. The WHNP learns to apply the ethical and legal principles to complex health care situations and collaborate with women to develop health care plans that recognize the realities of their life situations. Typically, RNs entering a WHNP program are building on prior nursing experience in maternal-child or women’s health.


Education of the WHNP includes some advanced classroom and clinical preparation beyond that of the basic professional RN. WHNPs may have been well-prepared through a graduate program leading to a master’s degree, or through a certificate program. The WHNP curriculum includes the education in general health assessment, gynecology, obstetrics, common non-reproductive health problems, clinical therapeutics, health promotion and disease prevention, and the WHNP role.

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