20July 2018

What are Environmental Challenges and How these Can Be Rectify?

Intro to Environmental Challenges

Today, we are facing several environmental changes which are not good for health of all. Environmental changes are the changes which cause disturbance in the environment and the responsible factor for these are humans only. Today, there are several environmental challenges in front of us. Environmental assignment writing help sections online are helpful to explore such challenges.

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Environmental challenges exist when a factor in the atmosphere make people difficult to live in a specific area. Today, it become very important and necessary to make public aware of the daunting consequences of the environmental challenges that they are facing currently. We must find its solution for the betterment and quality living. There are enormous environmental challenges out of which most important ones are stated below: –

  • Fast Growing population – Today, the fast-growing rate of population puts great pressure on natural resources and hence result in loss of development and growth which adversely affects the environment badly.
  • Poverty – Poverty is the second point which is one form the environmental challenges. Poor people have no facilities which are essential to live a good life so because of the unavailability of resources they somewhere contribute to environmental degradation.
  • Deforestation – For procuring the needs of growing population, forests are cut deliberately and hence result in great environmental deforestation.
  • Degradation of land – Constant use of fertilizers and pesticides, make the quality of soil poor and thus lead to soil degradation which also result in environmental disturbance.
  • Vehicle & Industrial waste – it is one of the most hazardous environmental challenge which must to be solved early. The smoke which is released by vehicle and industries in the air making its quality very poor and the result in asthma, lung cancer etc. Also, the waste products which are released by the industries are making our water sources contaminated and so results many health issues.

How to Overcome Environmental Challenges?

It is very important to deal rightly with environmental challenges so we can make our environment good for quality living. Environmental challenges lead to many health issues so how to overcome them is great issue for our Governments.

A single solution is not enough in-fact there should be integrated solution for this. As the environmental changes are because of several reasons so their solution should also be of several categories. When we combine them, and try to execute them simultaneously then only we can overcome the problem of environmental degradation.

The list of Integrated solutions, we must start now for improving the quality of our prevailing environment: –

  • Must reduce growth rate of population.
  • Plant more and more trees for quality air.
  • Proper disposal system for industrial waste.
  • Reduce the use of vehicles.
  • Try to save natural resources for future generations.
  • Must maintain the purity of rivers’ water.
  • Fair distribution of natural resources among all.
  • Government must try to provide basic needs of all.

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