3August 2018

The Sociology of the Internet and Digital Sociology: The Evolving Fields Need More Attention

With the massive growth of the world wide web and various social networks, sociologists are concerned about the sociology of the internet and the virtual society or digital society. The experts are focusing on how the virtual world has been reshaping the traditional systems of communications and social networks. As such both the sociology of the internet and virtual world have become the sub-fields of sociology. The experts are also focusing on the recent technologies that are developing more user-friendly tools for social media and other communication methods. These days, students of sociology frequently contact BookMyEssay for expert and affordable sociology assignment help to write these types of current sociological topics.

The Historical View of the Sociology of the Internet

The sociology of the internet got a shape in the late 1990s and early 2000s. the rapid proliferation of the internet and people’s interest in the digital mode of communication like email and instant systems drew the attention of the sociologists. These systems of communication were very interesting, instant, less costly, and more effective. Hence, people in millions started using these systems in social and business environments. The internet-based sources helped in accessing new sources of information and new ways of sharing information. Sociologists started studying the impact of these technologies and how they would change the pattern of social, economic, and political life of people at large.

Sociologists also focused on virtual reality and its long-term and short-term implications in social relations. Study of the impact of the internet-based technology on political and economic setups are also studied closely. In this way, the sociology of the internet started gaining importance in the early days of its application. Today, social networks, different forums, instant messaging systems have become part and parcel of the everyday life of common people.

Digital Sociology: A new Format of Social Life

With the increasing importance of internet communication technology (ICT), people’s communication or interaction habits have been changing constantly. It is still evolving. At the same time, a new format of sociology called “Digital Sociology” has also been evolving. This branch of sociology is focused on people and communities who use computers, smartphones, and other internet-based devices to interact with others. They use different social network platforms to make new friends and acquaintances. For the frequent internet users, the online modes of social communication have become reality.

This branch of sociology takes into account and discusses the variety of ways in which we use digital technology like documentation, communication, networking, content sharing, cultural production, etc.

The Progress in the Sociology of the Internet and digital Sociology

Since 2010, few sociologists started researching on these two new aspects of sociology, especially digital sociology. In 2015, Australian sociologist Deborah Lupton published a book titled “Digital Sociology”. In 2012, the concept of Digital Sociology was formalized by the British Sociological Association in the UK. Several eminent British sociologists such as Emma Head and Mark Carrigan published the first volume of the book “Digital Sociology: Critical Perspectives” in 2013. In 2015, the subject got more importance when a world conference took place in the USA in 2015. In the USA, sociologists have been concentrating on various aspects of Digital Sociology to understand the changes and future effects more efficiently.

Today’s sociology students are very interested in these subjects. Sociology courses in undergraduate and postgraduate levels also cover up this sub-field so that students come to know about the changes occurring in the world due to the constant improvement in digital technology. Attain our homework and assignment help on sociology to score high in your academics.

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