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28August 2017

You have Plenty of Reasons to Study Statistics

Whatever you see around you is defined by two fundamental means of articulating values: quality and quantity. You are quite familiar with these two matrices. For centuries, these two parameters in anything have attracted the scientists, philosophers, economists, and mathematicians, and these are basically what constitutes statistics. In your college and university courses, you will come across lots of lessons where you have to measure and evaluate quality and quantity. In fact, these matrices are inherently related to each other. They make the world around us. If you study statistics, the amazing world of numbers and features of different aspects will open up before us more vividly. Statistics is a specialized discipline of science where you can study how to understand data and interpret the available data scientifically. More knowledge on statistics provides you with an insight on different activities around you including games you play or breakfast you eat, weather in your city or availability of water in your locality, and this goes on.

Statistics are there in all walks of human life; so, why not study this amazing subject? Of course, it has many complicated parts, but at the end, you will be beneficial by every mean.

Relevance of Statistics to a Student

The subject can help you from every angle – good career or better analytical capacity, statistics can give you both. Jobs for statisticians are very challenging and prosperous. You will be able come across the career hurdles faster than your classmates. You will have higher social prestige and higher bank balance. You will also enjoy a happy life. So why not statistics? Though the subject requires focus and perseverance, still it is justified.  Let’s see some other reasons which can motivate you to study statistics:

  • Everything around you is data and every moment everyone is analyzing those data, sometimes knowingly and most of the times unknowingly. It sounds a bit weird but this is what actually happening every moment. Teachers using data to analyze your progress throughout the last two semesters. Students use data to predict whether the certain chapter is important for the forthcoming examination? Football coach using data on the opposing team players to analyze their weaker areas, and this list is endless. So, if you want to understand the world properly, you have to know statistics.
  • If you have an interest in reading the latest research papers and journals, you might have come across complicated statistical methodologies. Most technical journals contain some form of statistics. Generally, you will discover them in the results section. Without the knowledge of statistics, you will not be able to understand the information or the result. An understanding of basic statistics will provide you with the fundamental skills necessary to read and evaluate most results sections. Reading the journals and research papers will be more interesting then.
  • You can further progress with this subject through critical and investigative skills. Most of the students finishing high school and preliminary undergraduate assignments have at their disposal a wider assortment of critical thinking and analytic skills. Statistics will help to further enhance and develop this knowledge.
  • Statistics can make you an informed consumer. Like any other measurement and analytical tool, statistics can be used to mislead people. Some businessmen can indeed use this tool to mislead the market and consumers. They can use wrong data and interpretation to induce you to think differently. Knowledge in statistics can help you to take a proper decision even if somebody is trying to mislead you.

So, you understand that statistics are all good for your career and social life. The subject is useful in every study and in every job. Having knowledge or certificate on this subject will help you in different ways.

Scope for Statisticians

As we discussed earlier, statisticians are in high demand in all across the industries including government sectors and corporate world. In research and social studies, the importance of statistics is immense. Weather prediction is largely dependent on statistics. As a statistician, you can work in the pharmaceutical industry where the statisticians predict the viability of a drug after several experiments. Not only are there a wide diversity of exciting openings for statisticians, but careers in statistics normally can be fairly rewarding, with statisticians having adequate knowledge frequently able to earn six-figure incomes.

If you are really interested, then you can find plenty of preliminary and advanced courses on this subject in almost every college and online. You will get professional writing help with statistics assignment from professional assignment writing services in Singapore like BookMyEssay. The expert statisticians are here to help you with any kinds of statistics writing issues that you can face while writing an essay, homework, coursework, case studies, or dissertation research proposal. So, there are plenty of opportunities for you to progress in this field. Just your decision is awaited.

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