15July 2020

Organizational Planning through the Strategic Marketing Process

There is no denial to the fact that marketing is an utmost important function in an organization infact in some of the organization the marketing is done at the corporate level while others prefer it at functional level due to the benefit of specialization and focused approach. Contact BookMyEssay today to get marketing essay writing help absolutely free from plagiarism.

Marketing is a very crucial part for ensuring success of any organization. We have a concept call strategic marketing which is different in its application from marketing management in the sense that strategic marketing involves creating marketing strategies that involve corporate, business and strategic marketing plans. We can also say that the role of marketing in strategic planning is all about developing a strategic front between the corporate goals, its capabilities and the marketing opportunities.

Functions of Marketing in Overall Strategy Management in Organization

Communication : It works by developing the communication of the objective , communicating about the brand and about the product. The brand, product etc is communicated to the prospects through brand management, customer relationship management, advertising etc. It is the medium that establishes connection between the company and the prospective buyer or the target market.

Target market: Marketing ensures it finds the target audience for the organizational products and the services. You cannot sell or make your products appeal to all hence there is a segment of audience who are just right to be your potential customers. This is one of the key principles of any successful marketing effort and hence it is very much needed that we know who can be our intended buyers.

Helps evaluate current position: Strategic marketing lets you understand and evaluate what your current situation is. There is a lot of focus on understanding what company looks like in the current environment and also how competition looks like. Doing your own SWOT analysis is indeed very important and that is we can build and refine the marketing policies as well as upcoming actions.

Defining the actions: Strategic management defines what all actions can help achieve the objectives. This defines the day to day marketing activities of your business. This helps your develop and grow your business not only for your existing customers or prospects but also for your internal stakeholders. These are some necessary steps that will lead your organizations way towards the success.

Streamlining product mix:
Strategic marketing helps create product and product mix that generally good profits and higher market share. It does SWOT analysis, market review and hence create right offerings. BookMyEssay creates quality content on essay and assignment writing service on marketing subject contact us today and you can also review our free samples on the website.

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