3November 2017

Ohio State University collaborates with Apple Inc. For Digital Flagship Initiative

Apple is known for its massive contributions to the society, especially in the field of education. Earlier, the brand was associated with 44th US President Barack Obama for 100 million dollars’ worth of learning and solutions for 114 schools from the US that were underserved.

Recently, Ohio State University and Apple have collaborated for a digital learning initiative to support educational innovation. This comprehensive initiative is aimed to help students and is also expected to create economic development opportunities for the community and the campus.

As a part of this initiative, an iOS design laboratory will be established in the campus. This lab will offer certification and technical training to students, faculty, staff, and individuals from the community. These groups of people will learn to develop in the programming language of Apple, Swift.

The university will start this lab in a temporary space in 2018 on the Columbus campus. The lab will be moved to a permanent place in 2019.

A university-wide training is also part of this initiative. As a part of this training, the students will acquire coding skills. These skills will help them get promising careers in a world where smartphone apps are dominant in terms of technology. This training is going to start from spring 2018.

Talking about the learning technology, the students will get universal access to a set of learning technologies. In 2018, the new first-year students from all Ohio State campuses will receive iPad Pros from the university. These iPads will be part of a suite that also consists of elements like Apple Pencil, Smart Keyboard, and apps to help the students during their academic life.

The devices will be services and owned by the university throughout the undergraduate career of students at Ohio State.

As discussed above, the students will get an opportunity to have exposure in app development environment. These students will also be able to get support if they are planning on commercializing the apps. The training will help students be a part of projects for app-development companies.

The benefits are not just limited to students. Even the staff and faculty will derive benefits from this initiative. The staff and faculty can integrate learning opportunities that are highly interactive. Also, they will have collaborative tools for the use in research, teaching, and related programs. The staff and faculty can be assured that the students are having a common toolset through which they can participate.

The coordination of this initiative will be done by the Office of Distance Education and eLearning. The partnering bodies include the Corporate Engagement Office and the University Institute for Teaching and Learning. All these bodies will work together to offer mobile-ready classrooms, an eLearning toolset, along with pedagogical help for learning and teaching with technology.

The Ohio State University already utilizes the technology from Apple from teaching purposes. For example, the medical students are receiving iPads since 2013. These iPads are used for clinical instructions provided at Wexner Medical Center at Ohio University. Similarly, the Apple’s products are also used by the University for Chemistry and Biology courses.

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