4January 2018

Learn the Management of Resources for Superior Production of Goods and Services

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Operations: Management is a key feature in operations; with a combination of operation + management we create operation management. It helps in maintaining the balance between production and growth of the business. It fulfils the customer’s needs by controlling the production of goods and services. Operation management helps in managing whole production process with the help of labour, energy, raw material, machinery, and hard work to generate an input to meet customers’ requirements and company growth.

Operation Management Covers Important Sectors like:

  • Business management
  • Accounting
  • Finance department
  • Marketing
  • Trade
  • Economics
  • Human resource and many more.

In short IT helps in converting raw material into valuable goods which ultimately helps in generating profitable business to an organization. Major concerns of an operation manager are to make a plan in an organized way and oversight it to generate goods, services and production. Also, good operation manager understands needs of the clients in order to fulfil his demands in project.

Key Responsibilities of an Operation Manager are:

  • Planning- Planning is a vital process of an Operations Manager. It operates the whole managerial system.There are two types in the planning process :
  1. Cardinal Planning is an important strategy to reach our goal.
  2. Calculative Planning involves a determination that what resources, plans, raw material, labor and machinery we need to reach our cardinal planning.
  • Purchasing- Purchasing and dispatching is another key role of the Operations Manager which includes production, warehouse, machinery, labor, etc. It is his duty to make sure that production will come up with profit by doing proper management of purchasing process. Purchasing cost should always be lower than production cost.

So, good mangier has always an plan of:

Production > Purchasing Cost.

  • Calculations– an Operations Manager has multiple tasks on his head to be performed on time and meet clients requirements. To be calculative is important quality present in a manger. He needs to calculate the project budget to raise the profit for the business.
  • Economy– You might think that there is no link between economy and project management but to be honest well planning of a manger helps to improve the economy.
  • Fulfill client requirements- Clients demands and requirements are utmost duty of Operations Manager. It is his prior duty to satisfy clients by reading their minds that what exactly he wants because satisfaction of client will help in generating more business to an organization.

 Key Qualities and Abilities Include:

  • Leadership Quality
  • Multitasking
  • Unaided Personality
  • Professional skills
  • Experienced
  • Goal Oriented

Responsibilities Include:

  • Good eye check on all aspects of operations
  • Provide daily support to sub-managers
  • To be supportive of his team
  • Good recruiter quality
  • Disciplined
  • Provide guidance and teaching to his employees when needed.
  • Make overall report of employees performance throughout the year
  • Provide coaching and feedback to employees as required throughout the year
  • Create a positive environment in an organization for better results.
  • Take care of safety and needs of his labour, machinery and raw- material

Above mentioned stipulates helps a person to come up with good skills of an operation manager.

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