4January 2019

Grab the Differential Merits and Demerits of Case Study Method

Case study basically refers to the study of a person or group of people. As much a person has experienced the more accurate the case study is written. A case study is not written to write on the basis of predictions or knowing the cause or coming effect. While one should write a case study for exploring the phenomenon. Candidates have to understand the topic on which they are going to write the case study, this help can be taken from any of the reputed colleges.

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Objectives of Case Study Writing

  • Definition of the research used in the case study topic
  • Examples and reasons to illustrate in the case study
  • Elaborating the data and results how they are organized and fetched
  • What are the advantages and limitations

Case Study – Its types, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Case studies can be of various types. One should understand the merits and demerits of the case study. A writer should research on the topic before going to write a case study.

  • Description: A writer should describe the advantages and disadvantages of the topic on which they are writing. The writer should have complete knowledge and have researched on the topic before starting writing a case study. This way the reader will become more familiar with your described topic.
  • Fundamental Case study: A writer should have a particular data to describe fundamental case study. One should have a larger extent of knowledge to write a fundamental case study.
  • Collective Case Study : This is basically the combination of information which is combined in such a way to represent in the collective case study.
  • Examine Critical Case Study: People have to investigate the unique interest and choose the topic according to their wish so as to provide an effective critical case study.

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