18May 2018

Get MBA (Accountancy) From Singapore: A Land of Innovative Accounting Education

An MBA (Accountancy) Programme is a graduate-level professional degree program, which offers the students a chance to learn the business curriculum to enable the students to become both knowledgeable and all-rounder business professionals. Unlike the MBA programs this MBA in Accountancy does not focus entirely on the discipline, rather the students learn the advanced level business courses. On the other hand, BookMyEssay provides accounting assignment help in Singapore for the students who are in dire needs of expert assistance.

Studying MBA with a Concentration in Accountancy

When you study MBA, you will learn the advanced courses that are related to business. However, if you study the course with a concentration in Accountancy, you will not only study the courses such as finance, marketing, and human resources but shall also study the accounting curriculum that shall act as an addendum to the core subjects. much of the coursework of Masters in Accounting and MBA in Accounting is the same. You shall take up the following courses while studying this degree program:

  • Tax Planning
  • Cost Management
  • Financial Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Problems in Financial Reporting
  • Business Strategy
  • Accounting for the Mergers and the Acquisitions

Getting MBA (Accountancy) Degree in Singapore

The Master of Business Administration (Accountancy) Programme from Singapore is a one-year, full-time, MBA program taught in English. This programme is mainly designed for the working professionals who are looking forward to the leadership roles in the organization in relation to the fiscal policies and operations. Students studying this program cover 12 subjects in total, including the finance and the MBA accounting courses. This degree shall fulfill the requirements of MBA (Accounting and Finance) course too.

The Graduates of this degree program are well-suited for the higher management positions because they get added responsibility on the international business practices. This one-year MBA program in Singapore covers the development of teamwork, presentation skills, international case studies, and the group discussions. This degree from Singapore helps the graduates to pursue the international executive careers as well as the managerial positions in private as well as public sector.

The students who enroll themselves for this course shall be taught by the faculties from the leading Accountancy schools from Singapore. The courses are delivered in the seminar-style together with the case studies, discussions, and presentations. Students shall get the opportunity for an internship with the financial institutions and the auditing firms.

Though work experience is an added advantage, fresh graduates who do not hold accounting degrees can head start this professional course accredited by Singapore. The graduates of this course can directly enroll into the Professional Programme of SQP or Singapore Accountancy Commission. Moreover, strong ties are there with the international professional bodies to enable the graduates can access the professional exams directly.

Admission Requirements

The following are the admission major requirements:

  • A Bachelor’s degree
  • A good GRE/GMAT score
  • IELTS/TOEFL for those applicants whose first degree was not in the English language
  • Working experience is a bonus though not mandatory

Continuing education is very crucial in business. If you want a change in your professional life or want to become a marketing professional, then it is the best time to start planning and start doing the course. Compare the different programs so that you can decide whether this course can help you in achieving your goals.  If you need homework and assignment help on accounting then BookMyEssay is the best option for you.


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