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8August 2017

Ethical Issues from the Field of Statistics

Just like any professional field, a statistician needs to follow some set of ethics. The aim is to report only the truth without misrepresentation of the data.

Data manipulation is quite simple while preparing the report or performing a research. It is also simple to hide data in these processes. The researchers follow this practice is to project the points that one desires.

The ethical issues in statistics are more complex than you have imagined. This type of behaviour might arise during data collection, data interpretation, or other stages in-between.

It is quite common to make data collection biased to prove a point. The actual objective of research, which is to find the truth, gets lost somewhere in the process.

Another form of unethical behaviour is conducting a survey using a small set of individuals. The results are represented in the form of the percentage. In these types of cases, the conclusions don’t provide the actual answers to the questions raised by the researchers.

At an organization level, some companies hide the statistics that might show them in the bad light. In these cases, only the figures and numbers that reflect the positive side are used.

Several scientists do not include data outliers while reporting and analysing to validate a viewpoint or theory. This type of practice is witnessed in both social sciences and pure sciences.

This type of behaviour is often seen among the students at post-graduate level. Even some PhD level students are indulged in these practices. Sometimes, the reason is a lack of skills needed to interpret the data. It is also a possibility that data is not researched using effective tools. One may face difficulties while their research work is being assessed if they use unethical means related to data gathering or interpretation.

How to avoid these issues?

To avoid unethical practices by forecasters, statisticians, and market modellers, there is even a set of ethical guidelines by the American Statistical Association. The guidelines encourage the practitioners to adopt the policy of ‘good professional citizenship.’

It is always a good option to take the support of faculty or mentor to avoid this issue.

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