16March 2018

Detailed Information about Organizational Behaviour and its Characteristics

Introduction: It is a field of study that explores the main impact that “individuals”, “groups” and “structure” have on behaviour within the organization. This is the finest way to observe the employee behaviour in the term of performance, communication, motivation and leadership. This is based on the routine variations of the association and grounded on the study of the entities how they interrelate with the groups. Our professionals deliver the good quality of Organizational Behaviour assignment writing help to the student.

We are Defining the Six Characteristics of Organizational Behaviour in Our Assignment:

  • Behavioural approach to management: It is a part of the entire management of the organization that describes the behavioural approach to the different management. It has developed as distinct sector of learning because of the importance of human behaviour in the business.
  • Cause and effect relationship: It is mainly taken in the term of cause and effect relationship in actual way. It also provides the help in predicting the behaviour of individual person in the organization. It also delivers the generalization to the organization’s managers that can be used to anticipate the effect of certain actions on human behaviour.
  • Branch of social science: It is also known as the branch of social science because it is heavily influenced by different other parts of social science like psychology, sociology and anthropology. It is based on the study of main three levels of analysis like individual behaviour of employee, inter individual behaviour of employee and the organization behaviour as well.
  • Science and art: You can also define the organization behaviour as a science as well as an art. The detailed information about organizational behaviour is based on science and the application is totally based in art. It is not purely as science because it cannot predict the behaviour of the employee in organization. We can get the idea about the behaviour of an employee with his work.
  • Based on theory, research and application: It is mainly containing the body of theory, research and application that helps to understand the behaviour of human in organization. By using all these techniques, you can easily find the solution related to human problems in the organization.
  • To give benefits to organization and employees: It delivers the best environment to the employees in the organization. We can make the healthy relationship between employee and organization. We can also provide the best environment to the employee so that they can easily do their work. This also delivers the rational views about the employees and their behaviour in the organization. That will also deliver the idea about the employee performance towards the organization.

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