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8September 2017

Company Accounting – Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills

Company accounting is an indispensable factor in any business enterprise. As every organization has to present a true and fair picture of its financial position in the business world, company accounting has assumed much importance in business practices. The company’s accounting manager provides the company’s financial information to the top management of the company to help them make better financial decisions. The information collected and presented to the management is based on cost, financial and management accounting techniques. It not only helps them to solve business related specific problems but guides them in better decision making in future.

Company management depends upon company accounting as it has to communicate the company’s accounting and financial data not only to the internal management but also to the various external users such as present and potential shareholders, suppliers, lenders, creditors, employees and the government. The main aim of company accounting is to prepare final accounting and financial statements about the financial position and performance of a concern in the market. It also takes into account financial adaptability of the company which is beneficial to its wide range of customers.

Company accounting depends upon certain rules and standards called Accounting Standards. These should not be rigid. But at the same, they should not permit totally irrational accounting standards. So, appropriate usage of accounting standards in company accounting documentation is very essential in business language.

A course in company accounting introduces and familiarize students with reporting of accounting practices according to the international standards. The reporting documentation should be such that it is suitable for final publication. The students should be well informed to the different technical and theoretical methods for the preparation of financial statements and other accounting information.

Skill Acquired by the Students After the Course:

After the completion of the company accounting course, students will acquire following skills:

  • The skills for application of critical thinking and problem solving to find solutions for finance related problems.
  • The skills for demonstrating comprehensive accounts related knowledge in diverse areas such as accounting for income tax, business collaborations, mergers, consolidations, liquidation of companies and preparation of financial statements.
  • Skills for working as a team under different types of environments to develop suitable solutions to various accounts related problems.
  • Skills for undertaking independent research and appropriate utilization of accounting standards, business laws and other relevant fields.


To pursue a course in company accounting one should have prior basic knowledge of some disciplines of accounting which are as follows:

  • Auditing: It is the systematic examining of a company’s records and data for a particular financial year. It is to ensure that the financial statements are in order for the legal and taxation purpose.
  • Tax Accounting: It is the application of tax on the business according to the prevalent taxation system. Handy knowledge of this can make the course easy when legal and tax sections are dealt.
  • Financial Accounting: Knowledge of financial accounting is necessary for the preparation of financial statements. It gives added advantage to the student as corporate houses prefer those who have a degree of company accounting with a specialization in financial accounting.
  • Cost Accounting: It aims at the estimation of the cost of the business processes to run successfully without losses. Any project undertaken by the company has to be analyzed for its feasibility with the company’s budget.

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