5January 2018

Bedrock of Mathematics – The Number Sensing Skills Explored Here

What are Number Sensing Skills?

Number sensing refers to “flexibility and fluidity with numbers” which a student displays (Gersten & Chard, 2001). It is the sense in a student about what the number means. They understand the relationship between them, how they will be used in real world and how they will perform mental math. If a student has good number sensing skills, he or she can use the numbers in operations in different ways to solve problems. The symbolic representation is well understood and remembered by these students. Number sensing is thus taken as the bedrock of mathematics on which whole of the subject stands in its infinite capacity. To explore this logic of math, you can ask for math assignment writing help from BookMyEssay.

Counting is the fundamental activity which we start with our kids. Their number sense let them grasp the basics of counting. These skills get refined with the progressive age of kids. Counting and cardinality go hand in hand. When a student becomes good in counting he is then introduced to cardinality. The teachers try to teach him the idea of grouping. The number sensing skills let him try counting and cardinality with the objects at home. The interest developed at this age forms the base of a child in mathematics. On the other hand, if the teaching methodology is lacking interest and the student does not have good number sensing skills, he will have a phobia for mathematics through the rest of his life.

There are five components which characterize number sense. These five components were identified by The National Council of Teachers in 1989.

  • Number meaning
  • Number magnitude
  • Number relationships
  • Operations involving numbers and referents for numbers
  • Referents for numbers and quantities

Why is Number Sense So important for a Student of Mathematics?

Number sensing develops confidence in a student to play with numbers. They can reach to meaningful answers for the problems in numbers given to them. Those who lack these skills can’t be able to build a strong foundation in mathematics. In a recent study, it was seen that the students who have a problem in mathematics in their high schools were those who has problems right from their first grade.

With many researches and explorations, scientists have come to a point that number sensing develops gradually in a student. It takes time and continuous practice to be able to visualized numbers in different perspective and contexts. Deriving relationships between numbers is also developed with number sense. Relying on mental math helps a student to develop his number sense. Calculations done in the mind builds a strong number sense.

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